Result and Voting List for March 2014 Creative Writing Competition.


The winner of the march 2014 Creative Writing Competition was  Americanmum’s story “ONE YEAR” and a copy can be found posted here for those who would like to read it now …

Americamum’s story received 32 points and was the clear winner.

In second place was fizzeerascal’s story “JEEM” with a creditable 25 points, and in third place was chester_goodes “DICK AND JANE” with 18 points. Links to these and all the other stories can be found here …

Congratulations to our winner and to the runners up, and thanks to everyone, both writers and voters, for your participation.

New writers are always welcome, and your efforts will be given a supportive reading by our friendly group of members.

Please give us a try, you will be surprised at how rewarding it is to string a few words together and weave a story from the depths of your imagination.

It’s free and it’s fun!

Link to the March 2014 voting result …

march voting 2014




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