A Plea for Support … and it’s not for “Only two pounds a month”!

Elsewhere on this page I have posted the details of the June 2014 Creative Writing competition.

I know what you’re thinking!  Every month another competition for semi-literate geeks who think that they are budding Mildred Chaucer’s ( Geoffrey’s younger sister who wrote bawdy jokes for the amusement of Henry the Third … not a lot of people know that, and a whole lot more couldn’t care less!).

Well, our writers are real people with real feelings. And they set out their wares each month to (hopefully) entertain you all.

And what response do they get?

Naff* all.

*Naff- A corruption of a literary euphemism meaning “go” or “depart”. First used by Anne. Princess Royal when admonishing members of the Press. Later made popular by Norman Stanley Fletcher.

In an effort to whip up a bit more interest and on the off-chance that some of you do actually read the entries from time to time, here are pictures of a few of our regular contributors so that you can more easily relate to them when reading their entries.

Enthusiast’s every one and all self-taught!

The JUNE competition only requires a story entry of 250 to 500 words on any subject.

Surely there are a few more of you out there who could find the time to enter a story. The writer’s are a friendly bunch writing mostly for their own amusement and in the hope that someone else might get some pleasure from reading their entries.

And even if you don’t want to enter, some of you might at least manage to read the May entries  and vote for a winner.

There are only 13 entries, and some are relatively short … your interest and support would be greatly appreciated.

And finally, for those of you have actually read this grovelling plea to the end … thank you very much for your time.

You must be at a really loose end this afternoon! :-)))



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