May 2014 Creative Writing Competition result.

The result of the May 2014 Creative Writing Competition was as follows …
***Joint First … “CAUSTIC SODA.” Written by misty01275.
and “TRANSPORTED.” Written by seadams……………Each with 21 points.
Third with 15 points was “THE 18:40.” Written by fizzeerascal.

*** In the event of a tie, the rules allow for a countback of votes cast and the winner is the story with the widest spread of votes i.e. the support of the highest number of individual voters. In this case the support for both stories was identical … four first votes and one second for each story.

Congratulations to misty, seadams, and fizzeerascal, and thanks to all who participated, either as writers or voters.
All the stories entered can still be found here …

An itemised table of votes cast can be found here …

May2014 voting list


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