Furriners and the World cup … who needs ’em!



If it’s not one thing it’s another .

First an old song to set the scene.


With apologies to Dusty here are a few new words …

Biting and Diving and conning and lyin’
Cheatin’ and whining’ are some of their charms
That should’nt be allowed in the game.

So if you’re lookin’ to win games from the Ref.
All you gotta do is
Con him and fool him and cheat
And show him that you care

Show him that you care just to win
Do anything it takes you to do
Bend the rules, bite and dive, ’cause
He’s a Furriner just like you …
Biting and Diving, and Conning and Cheating …..


I think that Gerrard and Rooney & Co. us a favour … we’re best out of it!




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