July 2014 Creative Writing Competition result.

The result of the July 2014 Creative Writing Competition is as follows.

First with 27 votes was A WEE BREAK written by seadams.

Second with 22 votes was MEMORIES OF SAND written by giselle.

And Third with 18 votes was THE MAID written by americanmum.

Links to the above stories, along with links to all the other entries can be found here …


Congratulations to the above three writers who led the field in what was a month of high quality entries.

And thanks to all the other contestants for their efforts, and also to all those other interested parties who joined in by reading the stories and registered their votes.

A full list of votes cast can be found here …   Voting CW July 2014.

Note. The story ‘Holiday Fun in the Country’ which appears in the voting list was finally posted in it’s entirety too late for proper consideration by all the voters. However, there was one vote that had earlier been registered based upon part of the story, and that has been included in the list above.


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