Attractive plant or weed?


























And now for something completely different.

From cats heads to unidentified interlopers. I’ve added two additional pictures.

This plant appeared from “nowhere” in my garden. My first impression was that it was a weed, and odds are that it probably is, but on closer inspection it seems to have more substance, The bottom part at soil level is quite woody and the leaves are soft, almost succulent-like. The left hand photo gives a true representation of colour.

I’ve potted it, and it is temporarily in my conservatory. Its been there for four days and shows no sign of wilting as I would have expected from a weed.

It is about 15 inches tall and it must have grown pretty quickly (alomgside a rose) because I’m sure that I would have noticed it earlier.

Any ideas? Common names only please, no high-falutin botanical red-herrings.


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