October 2014 Creative Writing Competition. List of votes cast.

The topic for the stories was “LIFE CHANGES”, and links to all the stories entered, including the winning story, can be found here …


As you will see from the voting list, the winning story was the exceptional piece ‘I WAS FORTUNATE TO HAVE CANCER’, composed with great candour by Charles Stuart (furryfeatures), and which received 32 Points … a remarkable effort.

In Second place with a creditable 24 Points was Peter Barnett’s ‘MARRANO’, a first entry by this writer and well received.

In Third place, and again from a first entry writer, was ‘Inkandviolet’s’ ‘LULLABY FOR TWO LITTLE BOYS’ with 16 Points.

Congratulations to ‘furryfeatures’ for his winning entry, and to our second and third.

And a big thank you to all our competitors for an exceptionally fine selection of stories, and to our supporters for having both the interest and the time to read the stories, and vote for their choice.

A full list of votes cast can be found here …

October2014 CWVoting



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