Voting results for the November 2014 Creative Writing Competition.

Having scrutinised the voting figures (after sleeping on them last night), it is with pleasure and not a little relief (the votes were in the form of notches on twigs of Hazel), that I can announce the winner and the placings.

They are as follows …
In first place with a very commendable total of 46 Points is seadam’s story WINTER.
Following in second with a respectable total of 41 Points is giselle’s story SNOW.
And in third place with a worthy 16 Points is Americanmum’s story WINTER SOLSTICE.

A full list of all the votes cast can be found here …CWVoting November 2014

Congratulations to our winner and to the runners up and commiserations to all the other competitors that found themselves frozen out by the above titles, if nothing else! (Pause for groans).

Should anyone wish to catch up on the above stories, or indeed on any of last month’s entries, links can still be found here …

This being the last winner to be announced before the end of the year, may I take this opportunity to thank all our competitors, readers, and most importantly our voters, for the support that they have given during the year.
We are a small but dedicated group, who are interested only in writing both for our own pleasure, and in the hope that others will enjoy our efforts as well. There are many here on the main site who have the talent to join us in our monthly writing competition, and you may be assured of a warm welcome should anyone wish to do so in 2015.

For now, and on behalf of all members, may I wish all of you here on the main pages, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New ‘Troll-Free’ Year.

Oh! And please look out for our “Annual” …


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