JANUARY 2015 Creative Writing Competition. Details of competition, and how to enter here!


Details of the JANUARY 2015 Creative Writing Competition.

A Happy New Year to all members both old and new, and welcome to the first competition of 2015.

The topic for January has been set by the winner of the October 2014 competition Charles Stuart, and he has suggested that topic should be as described here in his own words …

“OK, this is my idea. Before I encountered this site, I had written quite few short stories. I have on a couple of occasions resurrected one, maybe revised it a bit and then entered it. For December or the next month that this competition is held, my suggestion is an open topic that people should look at their old writings and select one story that has never been published or submitted to any other competition and submit it here. If a person wishes to revise their story to bring it up to standard or up to date, they may do so. For anyone who has never written anything other than their entries to these monthly competitions or who feels that nothing else they’ve written is worth entering, they should make such a declaration when posting their entry and write a fictional story of the usual length featuring a central character or object that is “someone, something or some animal that is old”.


For those that missed them, links to all the OCTOBER 2014 entries, including  Charles’ winning story, can be found here …



The length of the story in January should be between 500 and 3000 words.

Closing date for entries –Midnight  SATURDAY the 31st. of January 2015.

The period for receiving votes will be announced at the close of the competition.Votes will not be accepted until the competition closes.


Publish stories on your personal blogs and  post a link to the story in the form of a comment on the post to be found on this link …


If you are unable to do this, post your entry as a separate “Update” or “Discussion” in the Creative Writing forum at …


The “prize” for winning this January competition is to set the topic for March 2015.

The competition is open to anyone with an interest  in short story writing, particularly (but not exclusively) to members of the MyT site and/or the Creative Writing Group and Short Story Club sites.

Voting is open to all.
Just after the closing date a vote collection point will be set up as a “Discussion” on the Creative Writing  Group page.

Links to previous  winners  can be found here …


A list of  detailed rules for  the competition can be found here …


There  is a topic For New Members which explains a  little more about this forum:


There  is a discussion topic for My Telegraph bugs and issues at:


Good luck and enjoy your writing!




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