Result of the JUNE 2015 CW Comp. Votes cast.

The result of the June 2015 Creative Writing Competition is confirmed as follows …

First with 25 Points was … ARCHANGELS. Written by Lostinwords.
Second (only just) with 23 Points … IN A KISS. Written by Ponsuda.
Third with a respectable 19 Points … RED KITES. Written by Araminta.

Following on from the above result, the topic for August 2015 will be set by ‘lostinwords’, and he might like to consider whether August would be a good opportunity to have a ‘shorter story’ month with stories between 250 and 500 words. Unless there are objections from other quarters I suggest we leave that decision to ‘lost’.

Congratulations to our first three, and additionally this month a croak to Gazoopi for accurately selecting the top three for his points, though not quite in the same order of finish. Well done.
Thanks also to those that read the stories and joined in with their votes, and of course to all our writers who rallied around to produce so many entries at a time of the year when there are so many other things to do.

A full list of votes cast and points allocated can be found on this link. I apologise for abbreviating the names of some of the voters solely in order to get the full result on one pdf page.

Link …June2015 CWVoting


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