Result of the February 2016 CW Competition, and full list of votes cast.

The result of the February 2016 Creative writing Competition is as follows …

Clear in First place with 34 points was  … The Girl with the Mousy Hair.  Written by Seadams.

In Second place with 19 points was … Station to Station. Written by Capucin.

And in Third place  with 18 points … Definitely not Rocket Science. Written by Rosiedee.

Congratulations to our winner Seadams for his clear winning story, and to our runners up.

As is the custom, Seadams will be invited to set the topic for April 2016 which will have the standard word limit of 500 to 3000 words.
Thanks also to all the other entrants who gave both their time and talent in support of our little group, and not forgetting those who joined in the voting process and added their valued support.

Anyone who is interested in reading the top placed stories, or any of the other stories entered, will find details of how to find them on this link …

Here is a table of all the votes cast , supplied once again by courtesy of AmericanMum whose assistance in collating the votes as they come in is greatly appreciated.

LINK TO VOTING SUMMARY …  February 2016 CW Voting result. – Sheet1 (1)


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