Straws in the wind.

Sampling from my admittedly small sphere of public awareness i.e. family, friends, and neighbours, plus snatches of conversations in shops, supermarkets, and sporting venues, one can usually get a fair idea as to what is the general feeling about this or that current topic of interest.

I am happy to admit that the outcome of the forthcoming referendum does not seem to figure very highly on the agenda of most people that I encounter, but when it does it seems to me that an overwhelming majority can’t wait for a Brexit victory to be announced. In fact, I will go further and state that I do not know, nor have I personally heard tell of, anyone who intends to vote to stay in the EU.

Now that might just be that I move in very limited and jaundiced circles. And to rejoice in the possible victory of the Brexit cause is not the same as actually voting that way on the day.

But would anyone else care to comment on what their personal day to day experience has been in respect to this contentious matter.


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